Black Seed Tea


Start a day with a sip of our delicious blackseed herbal tea, it doesn’t only taste good but also
Reduce allergies, asthma attack, nasal congestion, itching, catarrh and sneezing
Fight bacteria and fungal infections
Control blood and cholesterol level
Best for diabetic patient
Help with diagestive issues
Curb hunger and aid weight loss
Promote healthy skin and health
Add lust to your hair from within and reduce hair loss
Improve memory
Reduce headache, stomach upset and aid healthy sleep
Fight against cancer of blood , prostate ,liver, lung , breast and cervix
It is hard to believe, drinking blackseed herbal tea could provide so many health benefit, but it is true . since 1958 over 450 publish studies have shown that blackseed (which is used in blackseed herbal tea ) and its rare health benefits can’t be ignored
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