The birth of naija black seed honey

Abdul-rahman, Monsurat Jumoke is my name, Originator of Azeemouhaa Enterprise. I am passionate about creating a brand of healthy products to aid general wellness. Treat various body disorder and improve quality of lives.

My first encounter with black seed was at my parents’ household in 2016,  I was sick. During this period, I was advised to be examined by a doctor and it was discovered my immune system was low and weak which might have resulted to other illness since the immune system has been compromised called ‘’Immunocompromised’’.

These condition persist for weeks on ‘’on and off basis with severe headache. It was so bad and overwhelming that I used to think negatively about myself. I took some of the crushed black seed given to me by my mum for few days, morning and night.

 I was amazed and interested at what those little seed has done in my body. I put a call through, to her and enquire about those little black thing called ‘’BLACK SEED’’ she said it’s a cure and serve as a natural prevention to all illness except death. I decided to visit and claim more than half of the content in the house. I continue the usage for weeks and i notice slight difference with my body system.

My Mum continue to persuade me to procure more blackseed since it works for me. She was reiterating health benefits of blackseed and honey and this lead to my research. Actually, I don’t use drugs or herbs without having idea of it content. Not because I don’t believe my mum but it’s my nature to ask questions before eating or using herbs since I am a picky eater.

I started studying black seed and honey on google, spent months and sleepless night doing my research. It was too broad to finish but at a point, I took a decision to buy more in other to study physically. Thereafter, I realized that blackseed and honey is the only natural remedy that worked with 100% result within a period of 6 – 8 months treatment. Can you believe that I was free of ulcer, malaria, constant headache, cold and flu throughout those period?. Yes I was.

Honestly speaking blackseed and honey helped to boost and revive my immune system to an unimaginable level till date.  My testimony lead me on and on with the discovery of blackseed as an ancient seed used to treat all kind of diseases, this is supported by various testimonies received from all our customers worldwide.

In other to verify curiosity further, I procure more blackseed turned it into finished products with natural honey, distribute to friends, families and some customers then. Lots of free samples were dispensed for trials and all came back with great testimonies and that was how NAIJABLACKSEEDHONEY was came into being. Truly, I was known as honey merchant before blackseed was introduced to me.

According to my research, Qur’an and Bible made references that blackseed is best ingest if mixed with honey. That reference caught my attention and i created  awareness on its health benefits. I prayed to GOD, that I want to be known for these two natural remedy worldwide. We aim to spread its health benefits, importance and give blackseed and honey a good publicity worldwide. 

Naijablackseedhoney is a subsidiary of Azeemouhaa enterprise, a registered company with natural products that are strategically produced in a serene condition, high quality produce with 100% basils for health skin and hair care. All our produce are made under strict and hygienic environment.

Azeemouhaa Enterprise products are not limited to:

Black seed

Black seed Tea

Black seed Balm

Black seed Powder 

Black seed Honey

Black seed Oil

Black seed Honey Cereal

Black seed Hibiscus Drink 

Black seed Honey Bathing Soap

Black seed Honey Face Scrub

Black seed Glow Oil

Natural Honey

Thanks for choosing Azeemouhaa Enterprise, God bless you.